Amateur Photography

Фотоаппарат на любителя рис-2Typical numerocompact: beautiful and low-cost but only suitable for a narrow range of tasks

Average price: 6,000 roubles.

Many of these cameras are easily available in their pockets, but the good quality of the pictures can only be clear day. Such cameras ensure the quality of images comparable to those of the flagship smartphones, from which the presence of a full objectivity with the approach function is beneficial. Attempting to use these models in half a mile results in a marked blur in the image or smear.

A huge snake and a very solid appearance. But the quality of the photos is like a gypsy with a half-century, and the limitations are the same.

Average price: 15,000 roubles

Фотоаппарат на любителя рис-4At the technical level and the quality of the pictures are similar to those of the previous category, but are equipped with an object with very high approximation and externally recycled under normal conditions. mirror cameras♪ Typically, models of this type offer better management and more comfortable vain thanks to a developed hull performance.

It's not pockets anymore, but still compact. There are no mirrors on the quality of the pictures, but no digits. Swet optics and a large matrix can be removed even in half a mile, but a large snake is rare.

Average price: 25,000 roubles.

They differ not only from start-up models (more than buttons and kernels on the shell to activate the various functions) but also from the full manual mode. From a constructive point of view, these machines are most likely to be equipped with an improved optical device that passes more light and/or an extended light matrix. Both provide higher quality images (compared to the first two categories of models), including half a mile without the use of staffing.

Mobile optics, manual modes, all like a mirror cell, only compact. And no optical detector. And it's not that comfortable. However, carrying a 600-gram machine is much more pleasant than 2-3 kg.

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