Best Mirror Camera For Starters

Despite being part of the class of mirrors for starters, Canon EOS 1100D has a good auto-focusing system with nine sensors. Central sensor is crustworthy. The velocity of the camera is high and is well in line with the standards applied to the primary level mirror cameras.

Canon EOS 1100D is virtually no substitute for Canon primary level mirrors. Similar control, similar dimensions. A little easier than a horizontal pen and more simple materials are used in the body structure. Some changes also affected the built-in flash (he is less powerful) and the information dispersion (he has fewer diagonal and resolution and no end-of-life mechanism).

Canon EOS 1100D, top view

In line with a view to the audience of starter photographers, Canon EOS 1100D has slightly cut off the " second-grade " serial simulations, video recordings and video recordings. For example, the footage can only be recorded in one resolution - 1,280x720 points. In a visual on the information disk, the autofocus is not a phase but a contrast mode, which results in a sharp reduction in its speed. Finally, a serial film of Canon EOS 1100D is only possible at a speed of 3 (JPG) or 2 (RAW format) per second.

In general, Canon EOS 1100D allows a photographic amateur to reveal all the images by means of a mirror camera, with a fairly clear indication of the limitations of the apparatus which are characteristic of the primary level mirrors.

Fifth place: Nikon D3100 - Juniors need to be respected

The fifth place of Nikon D3100 is a special occasion. Once that camera was the most functional mirrors for starters♪ However, this " once " has been in line with modern speeds of progress so long (the end of 2010!) that the manufacturer is about to provide a replacement for our heroin in the market.

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