Nicono Photoapparat

There he is, a miracle camera, Nikon D4 is a professional, big, heavy and most expensive mirror camera in Nicon.

If you have a parallel, Nicon D4 is the most real car for a rally race, direct Citroen C4, they even have the same number. It's everywhere, in all the first, and it's not enough for every professional. Although there was no “revolution” with the D4 withdrawal, as in the case of D3, D4 still remains the best camera for the moment, and given the fact that Nikon is updating his professional chambers for a minimum of five years, we will not see anything worse.

The main challenge for me was to understand how best Nycon's best camera has been, which has changed since D3 came out for how useful these innovations are, and I'll try to tell you in detail, so forgive me for a lot of letters, it's not budget D3200.

It doesn't make sense for amateurs to buy a D4 or it's gonna be a waste of money. D7000/D7100/D600/D800 can do the same thing as D4, but they're worth a lot of money. D4 is intended for those whose main earnings are sports reporters, and it may not even be necessary for all professional reporters, as it is designed for extreme conditions and extremely long periods of service.


Eckran is great, big, bright and contrasting, as good as other Nikon mirrors. He has not undergone any major changes, the screen is the same as Nikon D800/D600, compared to D3, it has become half an inch of more - 3, 2 " , with the same resolution being 921 thousand points (VGA). Ecran is a great thing to say, but D3 was nothing worse. There's no change in support discourse, so it's old.

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