Best Camera For Amateur

Лучший Зеркальный Фотоаппарат Для Любителя 2015 Года- Hands: Chambers

Today, we are bringing to your attention four best mirror cameras for amateurs in 2015. All models submitted can be purchased for not more than $650 with a full set of kit lens.

As DSLR knows, cameras have the largest photomatter. It means that with these cameras, you'll be taking pictures in a much higher quality than any other digital camera class. And add to this shifting optic that not only significantly expands the range of photo shoots, but also brings you closer to the world of professional photographers. There's absolutely no need to be afraid of what you're going to face with a huge set of things. Our quarter of the best newcomers mirrors, although they have all the basic characteristics of this DSLR, but to remove them as easily as in the case of molasses.

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Now, if you've already been stopped taking pictures of your pocket camera, and the camera on your smartphone, you don't even count, there are four mirrors for photographers who can easily provide you with images of pros.

Зеркальный фотоаппарат Nikon D3300Canon Rebel T5

Nikon D3300

Pentax K50

Sony A58

ISO Range100-6400 (12,800)100-12, 800 (25, 600)100-51, 600100-16, 000(25, 600)
Auto-focusing system9 locations11 locations15 locations
Extract1/4000-30 seconds.1/6000-30 sec.
Video1080p/30fps1080p/24, 30fps1080/60p
LCD spray size/decision3 inches/1, 400,000 points3 inches/921 thousand points2.7-inch 480 000 points
External microphoneNo.Yeah.
Special effects13
Bones.Training regimeHDRSemi-transparent mirror
Price$US$ 499$US$ 495$US$ 496$US$ 448

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