Good Camera For Amateur

The choices that a young photographer survives, deciding to get a decent camera, long and brutal. What do you want, Nicon or Canon? What about Pentax? Which one is better off? Which one of them would make it better to reveal his mighty talent as a signer? The right answer to this question is not very impressive, and even more disappointing.

Amateur with burning eyes, aspiring to look at an experienced professional photographer, waiting for some revelation, holy secrets and a secret temple of true knowledge. And the pros squeeze his shoulders, and he says, "Fuck, take whatever you want, whatever!" And a lover, whipping his shoulders, sucks. He's crushed by the brutality of reality, he feels deceived, shining the glory of his dream temple collapsed, secret knowledge slipped away from him again, and he's left nothing again. His soul is filled with a sense of the fact that the cursed pros are hiding their secrets and never extradited. There are still many ways in front of him, and he doesn't know, What choice

And the pros was completely honest with him, the camera itself has very little meaning. I've read a great phrase recently:
"Vodka doesn't keep his mind in itself, and she doesn't add, she's just checking whether there's a brain in principle."

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