Primary-level mirrors are not often heroes of serious analytical reviews and articles. It is understandable: manufacturers use well-known, if not, outdated technologies that have little to describe.

In the meantime, producers themselves have long been paying close attention to amateur mirrors, constantly trying to make them even more accessible to the widest possible audience. It's not a big deal: it's amateur mirrors that make the main profit on the market, and the low price is not a minus but a plus.

The use of the mirror camera makes a different sense from the photograph.

Historically, the mirror cameras for start-up photos came from primary level mirrors. On the path of evolution, these models have acquired more automatic regimes, have become common for compact cameras by screen visuals, video recordings. They have started using a turning screen. The birth of the class of amateur mirrors was finally over when a new class was separated from the primary level, even more budgeted and simple.

So modern mirror cameras for starters It is possible to divide into two groups: the more expensive and functional, which is a logical extension of the mirrors of the primary level, and the more budgetary and simple ones for those who have decided to try the picture with a mirror and a replacement optics set.

And while our rating, which is covered by this material, is cross-cutting, where all models are compared to all, its location was perfectly naturally grouped into the troika according to the sub-class of the photocamera reviewed.

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