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The e-suum-Adapter will help improve the quality of your videos. It can smoothly alter the focus distance of the objective by increasing or reducing the size of the plan, as it does with the camera. Swet-powered fixtures equipped with a quick USM autophocus. Demonstrates the excellent image surge from the open diaphragm. It has a better price and quality ratio in its class. All accessories for Canon EOS 80D


Canon EOS 80D is equipped with a CMS clearance matrix of 24, 2 Mp, DIGIC 6 processor, a new focus system with 45 crusade points (with 27 focus points remaining active at F/8), serial survey speed 7 personnel/s.Image rectangle 300 x Canon EOS 80D can write a full HD video, a Dual Pixel CMOS AF is used. Canon Camera Connect allows remote surveying. By connecting a camera to a smartphone or a tablet through a built-in Wi or Dynamic NFC module, JPEG files can be sent to the smartwall. The camera is also connected to the computer, so it doesn't require a router.




Canon EOS 80D. Неделя с экспертомOK

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Canon, who has always felt confident in the market of mirror cameras, has further enhanced his position by issuing another very successful model, EOS 80D. And if there's no revolutionary or breakthrough technology in the novel, her basic dignity is a weighted set of characteristics and qualities. In a word, good luck. semi-professional camera♪ The new image sensor allows the operation of the high ISO up to 6,400 units and provides a good opportunity to extract shadows and lights from the raw file. The autofocus system has been improved for all items: 45 spots in the detector, Dual Pixel CMOS AF in Live View and video filming. The speed of the serial film and the volume of the buffer is perfectly consistent with the camera class. The photographer is entitled to a series of more than two dozen photographs at a rate of 7 personnel per second when filming at RAW. If you shoot it in JPEG, it's easy for a continuous series to pass over 100 personnel.

Canon EOS 80D. Неделя с экспертомEOS 80D is a good compromise between size and convenience. The camera doesn't take a lot of places compared to full-cash collections, but she's comfortable filming. There's a lot of control, their location is well-designed. A lot of buttons are rebuilt. Still, it's convenient to run a camera with a sensor interface. EOS 80D's turning sensory display deserves some praise.

The video is possible in full HD with a frequency of up to 50/60 personnel per second. The videographer's got a great autofocus, manual display management, headphone entrance and microphone.

Canon EOS 80D. Неделя с экспертом Canon EOS 80D. Неделя с экспертом Canon EOS 80D. Неделя с экспертом Canon EOS 80D. Неделя с экспертом

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