Digital Camera Catalogue

Каталог Цифровых фотоаппаратов

Digital storage and management.

What an amazing age are we living with you, aren't we? Computer technology, the World Wide Web, all possible wireless communications, universal synchronization and automatic renewals have been firmly established in our normal course of the day. When we're talking about photographs, there's a demonstration of this breakthrough. The camera with a powerful function is already in its pocket, and it can be removed until the finger is shine, just a bigger memory card. But you came home after another survey, you took the files off the computer and you thought (and if you didn't, you'd think) that it's easy to get anything and lose it. The management of digital images is, in fact, a very important issue that you must address. Otherwise, you run the risk of setting yourself up once and worse, client. Now be more detailed.
1 No harm
The original photo files are more expensive than gold for a professional photographer. Never ignore them or produce unnecessary manipulation. Imagine that you took, for example, a negative in your hands and accidentally scratched one footage. All right, now this scratch will be on every print. And with the computer file, it's even easier to do irreparable, you just need to get the wrong one time. Therefore, it is best to make a copy of the originators in the special folder and no longer touch them when the first data is imported from the memory card. It's particularly important to do that if you were filming in JPEG. Yeah, it's a big role to store digital images that can play in your life.
Remember, working only with a copy of the original file, not the original.
2 Ensure the safety of digital photographs
It's an unpleasant story. professional photojournalist Canada is very recent. The thief broke into his house and stole five hard drives with other equipment where Jacques Nadu kept his entire photography archives. Thirty-five years of work, life in fact, disappeared.
Therefore, in addition to the safety of the home, take care of your career separately through the 3-2-1 rule:
“3” - Do three copies of your original data.

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