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CANON Ixus 170 Silver – купить

About a year ago, when I was going on vacation, I realized that there was no decent apparatus under my hand that would cover all the joyous moments of rest. Then in a week, I had this machine, Nikon Coolpix L340. I wanted something good, good, but still at a moderate price. And this model is perfect for me. The price doesn't bite at all. First thing I realized when I took him, he's pretty heavy. All 500 grams together with four batteries. After the soap and the phone isn't normal, but you can get used to it. There's no such thing anymore. Hergonomics are good. All buttons are comfortable, practically intuitive. The flashlight is different from the soap, is on top, activated by the button, and closes by hand. Suitable. It's very bright, it's good. A huge plus model is a powerful 28-fold optical zum. It's just a discovery for me! Objects approach with minimum noise and as clear as possible. It's big, not sensory. Sends the picture well. The video is looking at the sound. There's plenty of photo shoot modes. There are both authoritative and programmatic regimes, such as portrait, beach, sports, fireworks, night photo shoot, snow, animal portrait, macro. Sports, he's not the best serial shooter, just one shot a second! The picture is clear, but the interval between them is big, so much can be missed. He was refined in subsequent models. With active use during the day, the charge is 24 hours. But it's not the machine anymore, it's the batteries. Nikon Coolpix L340 will be ideal if you don't want to get excited about the complex designs of the knuckle, but you want to get a high quality picture, and the level of the mob is no longer good. I recommend!

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