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Personal data processing agreement

Agreement between visitors to the website and the Internet store on the handling of personal data of the Visitor.

1. The personal data subject of this agreement is the Internet customer of the digital goods store, "hereinafter referred to as the Visitor and the Internet Digital shop goods " ”, to be known as the Magazine.

2. The customer ' s personal data processing refers to the actions and operations of the Magazine with the customer ' s contribution to the recording of news subscriptions or the registration of personal data of the Visitor in the Magazine, including the collection, systematization, stockpiling, storage, clarification, including updating and alteration, use, dissemination, including transmission, de-dissemination, blocking and destruction of personal data.

3. The aim of the customer ' s personal data and after-treatment is to obtain Magazine ' s services (access to the personal office, provision of the digital services service, provision of the digital services for the purchase of digital goods, subscription to news and anonyms).

4. Subscription to the news by the Visitor or registration in the Magazine system shall be accepted by the Parties by the customer ' s consent to the processing of personal data performed in simple written or simple oral form as follows:

  • Name, name, patrimony;
  • Logistics;
  • Postal addresses;
  • Country and city of residence;
  • Telephone numbers;
  • e-mail address (E-mail).

5. The visitor, in order to fulfil the Magazine ' s obligations to the Visitor, gives the Magazine the right to carry out the following personal data actions and operations:

  • Collection and accumulation;
  • Storage during the period of Magazine ' s activities and at least the statutory time limits for the storage of Magazine ' s accounts;
  • Clarification, including updating and modification;
  • Use (i.e. sending marketing activity information by e-mail);
  • destruction;
  • Defiance.

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