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Normach6 February, 01:49

What are the statistics on? What time frame?


I don't like it anymore, and the price is adequate!


Look at Sigma dp1 or dp2 or dp3. I have a Sigma dp2. You won't get anything better than Sigma with other cameras. But this camera isn't a reporter, it keeps 50 megabytes for one foot long, loves light. There are three Foveon matrixes, while all the other cameras have one. You can look at the High School. Get Anatoly Kuzeev. With the best wishes!


Nikon D7100. With a whale object. I love it so far. Houses were "Gelios 44M" and "Mir 1B." I've got a switch from the cutting to the bike. In the summer, everything will be on the move.


Evo. Do I have an object from the zenith (photo weapon) can this object adjust to the Nikon mirror?


I've always wanted to have a good machine for good personnel, I'm on a regular basis, I want to seal these cases, not something. Tell me what's best for me. Respectful.


Take SONY a580 with SONY objectivity 3, 5-5, 6/18-135 SAM


It's a good valley, all over PENTASC K_500, cost 4,700 Hrv, now over 5,000 Hrv.
PENTAXS are better, that's my opinion. I have a digital soap from PENTax-OPTIO E100, bought in 2008, but the quality of the photo doesn't fall short of Nikon D3100.

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