Digital Cameras Sony

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX100
  • Excellent result♪ The DSC-H300 camera is equipped with a Super HAD CCD matress with a resolution of more than 20 megapixels, which gives photographs a bright, rich range of shades and accurate flow of flowers. The images will always be sharp: there is a system of optical stabilization, which will necessarily tilt the trembling of the machine when it comes to handwriting.
  • Zoom-Zoom♪ Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H300 is equipped with a powerful 35-fold optical Zoom` with a focus range of 25-875 mm (in 35 mm equivalent), an optical increase without quality loss, it remains excellent, even with a strong approach to objects. The possibility of a 280-fold intellectual increase could not be welcomed.
  • Great features. The model is characterized by the choice of the method of exposer (central and point). DSC-H300 also contains a multi-causal and observatory.
  • All for comfort surveys♪ The photo camera is ergonomic, and this is confirmed: a suitable handwritten from high-quality materials, a separate button for rapid transition from photo to video, a regime selection disk, and not so large for such a powerful universal facility, the dimensions of the shell (127, 5x89x91, 7 mm). And with the work from the usual pallet batteries that can be easily changed at all times and everywhere, DSC-H300 will not disappoint the traitor of the battery that was discharged at the most important moment.
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