Digital Equipment

Nikon 1 S1

Many know that hearing aids have two varieties:

  • analogue;
  • digital.

But not everyone can explain exactly what some are different from others. In fact, it is very simple in this respect.

Analog devices

Analogue devices are very simple. They only include telephones, e-power and microphones. Sound fluctuation is primarily transmitted to the microphone, then transformed into a stitcher, and the phone goes to the head of a sick, reinforced sound. That's how this hearing-forcer works. His advantage is that with a simple design, he is less exposed to debris. But the quality of his sound, of course, lowers the digital device. The second shortage of analog machines is their relative density.

Digital hearing aids

The digital hearing aid is a much more complex device. It does not have a forcer, but there is a scheme consisting of three parts:

  • The analo-digit converter translates the analogue signal into a digital double code as on the computer; sometimes the hearing apparatus is equipped with a special digital microphone, and it does not need such a transformer;
  • The digitized signal is sent to the processor where the sound signal is directly enhanced and substructured to the hearing impairment of the patient.
  • The numerical converter returns a recycled and corrected sound to the ear of the sick.
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