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The first telephone in Fotossa was purchased in July 2016, no claims, delivered fast enough, still in operation. With the second purchase in November 2016, the situation was worse. At least the prices aren't the lowest, but with good experience in the Photos, it was decided to purchase another purchase there. On extradition, the box of the phone was punctured around the edges and opened, the battery is zeroed, the guarantee plate is already filled (dates are not only month and year with seal). The manufacturer shall, in English, but shall warn the buyer ' s label that the box shall be sealed. It was decided not to buy that new smartphone. Seller offended, take or don't take, it's the last one. Well, maybe they have the last one, but not the last in town, the times of deficit have passed. In the end, the phone was bought in another. Internet store, cheaper on the symbolic 70 roubles, but I got a box open, put a seal in the guarantee plate, works. Anyway, be careful not to buy a "new" technique from which you've already been abandoned.

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