Digital Photographic Equipment

Отличие профессиональных зеркальных камер от любительскихI think every photographer was caught in a situation where the rust is started and suddenly finds that the camera lacks a map, there's no need for a transponder, a stabilizer is cut off, a diaphragm on a manuscript. Often, such negligence can cost good staff, or maybe bury the idea of filming itself. So I want to tell you about the equipment check system before... ♪

The mirror cameras have been a professional experience since the film. Now, in the digital age, many believe that buying such a camera will significantly improve their images. And there's a problem with what kind of model it's like to choose: a low-cost amateur or not to pity money and get a professional. However, it is often difficult for a person who is not linked to a photograph to understand what it is. ♪ ♪

Many photographers who use mirror cameras see the final point of evolution of their equipment with a 35 mm (full) camera and an optical kit under it.Анонс новых зеркальных камер Canon If such options were previously a professional experience, now, even with a crisis adjustment, they have become more accessible to ordinary users. The issuance of " non-professional " models of Canon 6D also contributes to this. ♪ ♪

Quite unexpectedly, on 6 February, the Canon company hailed us with a massive anon of four new mirrors and a new super-band objective. These are two complete cameras of Canon 5DS/SR with a new matrix of 50 mega-picels, two cameras for amateur photo shooters - Canon 750D and Canon 760D and Canon 760D and Canon Canon EF 11-24mm/4L. Rumors about the appearance of the super-high matrix. ♪ ♪

No one's secret that mirror cameras and the objects to them are desirable thieves, but rather simple precautions will help reduce the risk of losing expensive equipment. In fact, it's not more than a common sense, but many people don't think about the very possibility of kidnapping their things, especially on vacation. First thing that can... ♪

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