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Priorities in the selection of armoured vehicles

If the value of the armoured vest is not an important criterion for the VIP-persons to decide on the acquisition of this type of protection, the price of the goods becomes a very important argument for the majority of the power structures, mass purchasers and armoured vehicles. The cost of new materials is significantly higher than that of traditional materials.

Bronepanel of high-level polyethylene 2nd or 3rd grade protection 10-20 times the same steel panel. The Keramic Brone of Class 5 GOST is 30 to 40 times the same steel. Consequently, it is more expensive than the final product - the armor.

Let's set an example. If the two-grade Cora-Culon steel armoured vehicles of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, according to the 2007-2009 tenders, purchased less than 5,000 roubles at the price, the same level of polyethylene armoured armoured armoured armoured armoured armoured armoured armoured armoured armoured armours were forced to purchase at the price of 0 rubies. The difference in the price of the 5th class armoured vests is even greater. "Cora-Culon" was still worth about 5,000 roubles, whereas "Corund-VM" of Class 6 GOST already cost 32,000 roubles. Around the same pattern is found in the prices of other manufacturers ' armoured vehicles, in particular the OAO ' s steel armour. So, the "the rest" version of the famous Visit 2M 3-grade OAO Steel Company is worth about 20,000 rum, while his "polyethylene" analog, Visit-2M-1, is already in the area of 30,000 rum.

It is possible to criticize the existing system of tenders for personal protection, which is at the heart of not the quality, but the final price of the item being purchased, but today polyethylene and keramics are indeed much more expensive than the means of protection and pose a difficult question to the procuring entities - what should they prefer: quality, innovation or quantity?

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