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Rear-view video recorder

The video recorder of the thing, of course, is very necessary and sometimes indispensable, but even the finest and most expensive registrar may not recover from the accident. For example, in such an unfortunate situation as a raid. If the driver turns out to be clean and refuses to plead guilty, you won't be able to prove your innocence, because your very cool and expensive registrar looked forward to his object...

The way out of this situation is a two-channel recorder with two cameras, one looking forward, and the other is attached to the rear of the vehicle. You will be insured from all sides, especially by recommending such registrars in major cities, with intense traffic, and of course not to prevent such devices from starting up. But even such registrars have a minus - and this minus of price, sometimes it just doubles the price of a normal registrar. That was until recently. Company "Dunobil." and its new model of a bichanal Zoom Duo registrar is affordable and, no less important, has excellent characteristics, collection and very attractive appearances.

The beautiful name of the Zoom Duo model is placed in a box of brilliance. Beautiful word of Zoom Duo, and here the device has Zoom and Duo :

Technical characteristics:

1920x1080 video at 30 k/s
• Back Chamber
• 170° angle
♪ screen four inches ♪
• G-sensor
battery 200 mA/h

Full data

The computer immediately draws attention to very long wires, the length of the wires will make it convenient to accommodate the video recorder and the rear camera in any vehicle.


• Video recorder
• miniUSB-cabel
:: Frontal glazing
• Rear-view camera
vehicle charging device
• Instruction + Guarantee plate


The video looks 100! It's a very good appearance, it's very interesting, and I think many of it will be confused with modern times. digital camera♪ The recorder is made of a good plastic, reminds me of the skin, from one part, from the other, the beautiful glacier, the metal surface. This division was very winning and pleasant. There's no harm to the assembly, the gagget is perfect, all parts of the body as a monolith.

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