BOA # 05235 technician, FUJIFILM -600grene physical size of the matrix - 1/1.6.
Total peaks: 8.3 Mp
Maximum authorization: 3296x2472
Sensitivity: 100 - 2000 ISO
Size: 2.5" 230000 peaks
Extract: 3-1/2000 sec
Exposure: +/- 2 EV with step 1/3 of step
Optical Zoom: 3x
Diaphragm: F2.8 - F5.1
Minimum measuring distance: 0.07 m
White balance: automatic, manual, list
Photo: automatic
Video format: AVI
Permits: 640x480 (30 staff/c)
Sound recording:
Type of flash:
Flash operating modes: Up to 6.5 m, red eye suppression
Type of memory maps: SD, xD-Picture
Formats: Jpeg
Interface: miniUSB - USB 2.0
Weight (with food components), g 181
Dimensions 96 x 59 x 23 mm
The camera is good. condition.
There's a camera in the kit, a charger, a USB schol.
The reason the son bought himself a new one.

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