Soni Digital Camera

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  • Excellent image quality♪ The configuration of the device includes the Exmor R lighting matrix and the BIONZ X high-produced processor, which ensures that the photos received are treated very quickly. This makes it possible to obtain very clear pictures without noise, even when working under adverse conditions.
  • Great speed. The auto-focusing system uses an improved spatial recognition algorithm that allows for optimum parameters within a second. This makes a camera suitable for sports competitions, as well as for other dynamic scenarios.
  • Preliminary check. The mobile detector OLED Tru-Finder is very easy to film in bright light. It is based on a small screen with a high contrast, which allows the final image to be seen before the closure.
  • Simple management♪ A special Fn keyboard is located on the rear panel and can be assigned up to 12 frequently used functions. In addition, each of the six other buttons supports the rapid challenge of one function.
  • Perfect selves. The CC-Earran camera can turn 180 degrees to facilitate the creation of autoportraits. In addition, it is easy to film from uncomfortable provisions.
  • Additional function. Davis also supports the full HD video with cinematographic quality. The optical stabilization system of the five does not allow for plugs and other interferences, even with handwriting.
  • A wireless connection. The built-in Wi-Fi transmitter provides an opportunity to synchronize a device with a smartphone for the transmission of files or remote control. Antenna NFC significantly speeds up connectivity, only one touch is required.
  • Multifunctional♪ With the PlayMemories Camera Apps, the user can download various applications to the camera, for example, for the creative processing of photos and videos, as well as for the development of critical parameters through a smartphone.
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