Best Mirror Camera

Ten best mirror cameras

Professional We call cameras that provide high-speed, high-speed and high-quality films and large-formal press. Universal and reportable professional cameras should also be high-produced and workable under different conditions sufficiently protected from moisture and dust, solid.

If the camera has a rabbit default (36x24 mm diagnosed to the diagonal of the so-called " closed " matrix) within 1, 3-1, 6, the camera may be named semi-professional or an advanced amateur. If, of course, other parameters are at a high level.

Green camera for starters - It's a simple control machine, a low price, and a low-cost, state-level facility that allows a newcomer to learn photographs and determine for further development.

1 place. Canon EOS 1DX is the best professional mirror camera rating

In this model, Canon successfully matched the requirements for professional studio and report cameras. EOS 1DX became the first reporting model with a full-dimensional matrix. The nearest competitor, Nikon D4, Canon EOS 1DX, exceeds the greater density of the peaks on the matrix (18, 1 Mp), which provides a greater resolution reaching 1250x833 px. The closing delay is only 36 ms versus 208 ms at Nikon's. Accordingly, there are also " rapidity " , which amounts to 12 personnel per second, and without an expo and auto-focus, even 14. If the previous flagman, Mark IV, ISO over 25600 has not really worked, 1D X gives a good image even at 204800. The camera has earned a TIPA award (Technical Image Press Association) in the nominations of the " best professional digital mirror camera " (2012) and the " best digital mirror camera for video " (2013).

Two seats. Nikon D4s - top professional camera from Nikon company

The model is quite recent, based on Nikon D4. Properly checked on the Sochi Olympiad and sold right after it. That's not surprising. Nikon ' s professional machines are primarily geared towards the portable filming of dynamic plots.

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