Budget Mirror Camera

Обзор Sony A58Sony's digital camera unit has been blown back by all, at least the number of novels produced. In the last year with a small one, they presented a revolutionary CD-camera (RX100), a unique full-cassembly (RX1), a low-cost, complete mirror camera (A99) and a very decent mirror for experienced photomates (A77).

We are now considering SLT-A58 (Recommended retail price $599.99), accessible, affordable digital mirror camerawhich is the last missing link in the Alpha line from Sony.

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размеры фотоаппарата A58Not bad. innovations

There is little innovation in the typical design of the A58 building. The only exception is the rear LCD-Earran because it can now turn at 55 degrees down and 135 upwards. This is very useful in some situations, such as head-to-head photographs, for example, although we have most often used an electronic detector that has demonstrated a high degree of accuracy and sensitivity.

In addition, the hull is convenient and reliable. Not one, but two whole deepenings are intended to be taken from the front, which gives a straightforward focus for point and medium fingers. This is important because the thumb is needed to work with the front control panel, which is responsible for important variables such as extraction and diaphragm.

The closing down is satisfactory, though not as smooth as I'd like. There are two auxiliary functional buttons, one for ISO and another, which is weird, for the digital zuma. Also on the upper part of the chamber, there is a mode switch disk; a micraphone; a multi-interface connector to connect different accessories, including flashes; a detecter/LCD switch; a power switch is under the trigger; and a control disc is below.

кнопки_верх сони а58 зад полупрозрачное зеркало DT 18-55 мм F3,5-5,6 SAM II A58

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