Buy A Mirror Camera Nikon

Nikon D3100 Kit
  • Portable and productive♪ The camera is equipped with an oxidized sensor screen with an adjustable inclination angle, which makes the control of all functions as simple as a tablet or a smartphone. Small dimensions and an ergonomic pen make the filming process even more user-friendly, and support for the transfer of decommissioned Wi-Fi significantly facilitates follow-up with the images.
  • Continuous survey quality♪ The optical low-frequency filter provides a high level of detail of images even when viewed on a large screen, and a wide range of sensitivity will allow for qualitative images regardless of the lighting conditions.
  • In wireless technologies♪ Wi-Fi support enables a photographer to be dropped on a smartphone or a photographer for a quick reader and Internet images for the summer.
  • Compatibility with replacement accessories. The camera supports the work with the replacement Nikkor facilities and Nikon Speedlight flashes, which enables the photographer to carry out the boldest ideas for filming.

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