Comparison Of Mirror Cameras

As you can see, only two cameras, Nikon D610 and Nikon DF, were created this year. In addition, all photographic equipment provided in the article are complete models. Speaking of high-class cameras, it's only about complete cameras, and these models can only be compared between themselves.

Of course, enthusiasts can be satisfied with the quality of photographs from cameras equipped with and not full-calibre matrices, but, say, APS-C sensors. These sensors are equipped with Nikon D300S and Canon 7D cameras. In addition, there are great cameras, such as D7100 Nikon and Canon 70D, who also do not have complete matrices but do good pictures. Nevertheless, our comparison today is devoted to real professional models.

It was decided not to include such flagship models as Nikon D4 and Canon EOS 1D. It's because the professionals who buy these cameras know exactly what they want.


Nikon DF is Nikon DF the thinest flagship photocamera. In general, the same camera is the miniature itself. The most extensive cameras are Nikon D800 and Canon 5D III. Nikon D610 and Canon EOS 6D are also not very compact, but if you've started using these two cameras after taking pictures with expensive versions of APS-C matrices, you won't notice the difference.


Canon 6D and Nikon DF are the lightest cameras, their weight is 755 g and 765 g with a battery and a memory card, but no objective. But he's still much less weight than some. mirror cameraswhich we consider. The hardest cell compared is Nikon D800, it weighs 1,000 g.

Dimension of the matrix

All cameras have a large full-scale sensor. A large matrix shows the magnificent quality of the photos being produced, regardless of whether you're filming with bright daylight or low lighting.

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