First Mirror Camera

Three years later, the chance to return EOS x0D in the hierarchy of Canon fans to the Canon EOS 70D exit. Everyone understood that such " return " could only occur if the machine went ahead with Canon EOS 7D...

Canon EOS 7D Mark II never showed up until mid summer 2013. And the presentation of Canon EOS 70D happened in the first few months of July.

Amazing, but right after the camera's anon, the question of the Canon EOS 7D confrontation and the Canon x0D line stopped asking. The fact is, through Canon EOS 70D, the producer company presented a fairly innovative product whose position in the line of mirrors Canon goes far beyond mere updating.

However, the revolutionary features of Canon EOS 70D are not easy to see for the usual firm design. Too much of the machine took from the previous EOS 60D, and the main innovations of the model are not in the appearance of the camera.

Still, there's something interesting about the ergonomic of a new model. This is the redesignation of a control button on the rear. For example, the keys to washing the staff and looking at the decommissioned material have moved to the control disk, which has had a positive impact on convenience. The upper left corner of EOS 60D INFO and MENU have been moved in this zone, and the decision is also correct, given the frequency of use of these buttons.

Species ahead. Always.

Of the other visible renovation of the rear panel, there is a return of the switch control block disk to replace the button. The same metamorphosis has been developed and the video recording button is now aligned with the mode switch (video/display), which prevents accidental intervention.

With regard to the optical detector and the information dispenser located here, they are not different from the EOS 60D equivalent in Canon EOS 70D. However, in a sense of similarity, nuances are concealed: Canon EOS 70D is slightly greater (98 per cent of coatings versus 96 in EOS 60D) and the display, with equal size, authorization and type of attachment to the shell (three degrees of freedom), uses sensory input technology.

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