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Выбор ZOOM: Лучшие зеркальные

Are you choosing your first digital mirror camera in your life? You've already rereaded a bunch of articles and e-mails, and eventually you've determined that your choice is a mirror camera at Canon's primary level. Maybe NIkion? So what's the end of it?

In my time, that question came before me. However, with a photo shoot experience, a fancy mirror camera, and then a decent digital soap from Canon, I didn't even think I had any doubts about the numerical choice.

Having studied the characteristics of the digital mirror cameras, reading the feedback from their owners, the discussion in the forum, I realized that, after such information, it became more difficult to select a mirror camera.

No, I'm not lost in a lot of producers. mirror cameras♪ There are great cameras and Sony and Olympus, and Samsung, etc. Just a mirror camera, there's no self-sufficient thing. If you're serious about taking pictures and treating the camera as an instrument, you realize that the mirror camera needs different objects, photo flashes and other accessories expanding it and your capabilities.

Sooner or later, you're gonna want to go to a higher class of camera and change the mirror with all the axesthemare arsenals, I think it's too wasteful!

So, once you've taken your first mirror camera, you've been strapping yourself to its manufacturer for years. There was no question for me about the camera. I knew I'd buy Canon, but don't rush, esteemed reader, I haven't said what camera I finally bought!

Why canon? It's just intuitive, seeing, at least on TV, than chewing "profi" I knew I had to buy Canon. Or Nikon. Again... Same thing on the Internet... It's just some cold war! Canonist and Nikon sheep's thieves about the brand that's better off than ever. ♪ ♪

On a large point, both rights and arguments are somewhat subjective, because they take photographs rather than cameras. And when he shoots a photographer, what difference does Canon-- he shoots or Nikon. It's important that the mirror camera like the photografu and his photos to the audience!

Still, we're not used to retreat!

Let's compare the mirrors of the primary level:

Canon EOS 1000D kit Nikon D3000 kit

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