Green Camera For Starters

Как выбрать зеркальный

Get out of here!

At the seminar, you'll find out how the modern mirror camera is built, you'll get information on the basis of the photograph and the construction of the Nikon mirror. You'll also be able to determine the objective of your camera.

For who? The seminar programme is specifically for starters and those who have long wanted to learn how quickly to build a camera, depending on the conditions of filming.

Theme of the seminar: " Nikon Green Cells. Construction and management. "

Programme of the Seminar: The seminar consists of three parts, theoretical, practical and question-and-answer sessions.

The theoretical part will be devoted to acquainting with the camera device, examining its main components and controls. We'll figure out the technical features of Nikon's cameras, we'll get to know the basic concepts in the picture, and we'll find out what to know/read a starting photographer in the filming of different stories.

In the example of a few pictures, we will deal with and tell what regimes and the designs of photographs. We'll figure out the frequent mistakes that start-up photographers make when we're filming different stories.

Practically. During the practical part, you will be able to test the Nikon cameras and, in practice, learn the designs, the photocamer control, the different plot regimes. We will also deal in practice with different camera regimes (focusings, exposition measurements, white balance, etc.) and how to correctly develop where to use the plot.

At the end of our class, the photographer will answer all your questions and help with the choice of technology.

Following this seminar, You'll get a valuable bag of theoretical and practical knowledge, valuable photographic advice that will help further develop and improve your photographic skills.

Lead: experienced photographer and teacher of Nikiforov Victor.

Launch of the seminar: 1 p.m.

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