Green Camera Sony

Цифровой зеркальный
Very good photo.
High velocity, rapid autofocus, followed by magic - super, fast, low noises, good flower, many premeditated copy machines, etc. Anyway, in a dispute between Canon and Nikon, they've forgotten about Sony, which, under noise, is ahead of the competitors. The model with similar characteristics from Canon is 40 ter.
The only detected minus is the slight act of the detector, in the convenience of the compact, when you look at it, you're wearing a nose in the hull of the picture. Also for the RAW format of its photos, the machine wants Light at least 4th, cameraRaw 7.3, not less, and Vindu 8.
In general, pictures of their money are very good, and when buying a pair of objects (fix 1.8/50 and Zoom 50-300, for example) there will be a kill kit (because the objects are suitable for old almonds that can be searched for cheap).
I recommend!

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