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EOS 1200D

Create emotional bright pictures with a convenient digital mirror camera that gives you the result you'll have to shower.


  • Keep your memory of important moments of life, making high-quality photographs and videos.
  • The accurate transmission of parts and atmosphere even under low illumination
  • Take off the right designs using the intellectual scripture.
  • Simply step-by-step manual on functions and application of Helper Canon EOS
  • Give your memories more imagination and become an artist using creative filters.

Detailed description

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Photos you'll be proud of.

Take pictures of quality and videos of a unique nature. 18-megapile detailed images removed to EOS 1200D can be printed up to A2+. Vectors are of professional quality and are well suited to look at the HD televisor.

Do great photos even in low light.

With low lighting, the EOS 1200D camera increases the sensitivity to the light, so your photos will be clear and you can use the flash. The image of natural lighting is an excellent way to convey the atmosphere of events and to preserve the priceless moments and the nature of the scenes.

Liquidity in handling any objects

When selecting a composite image, camera EOS 1200D also performs an analysis of the terms of the film, picking brightness, color and recognizing the presence of traffic and faces. This information is used to select the optimum set-up of the camera, be it a landscape with a large number of details or a rapidly moving object. The built-in functional manual and the EOS Supporter will help you learn more about your camera at your time.

Find out more about the digital mirror camera footage using Canon EOS.

Use the additional Canon EOS helper to examine the functions and capabilities of your chamber EOS 1200D, and learn how different objects offer new opportunities for creativity and surveying of various sites. Interactive training counseling and assignments will inspire you and help develop your skills.

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