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Canon EOS 100D


Canon EOS 100D is a universal creativity tool that is attractive by its compact and small weight. The camera has good technical data: decent work for such a baby at high ISO values, quality automobile work and a wide range of suitable authoritatives. The velocity isn't very high, but it's enough for amateur plots-- four shots per second. It is true that this is only relevant when filming in JPG, if RAW+JPG, the serial speed falls after several personnel.

And, of course, the basic dignity of the camera is the advanced auto-focusing technology in Live View mode and video film.

The short series of RAW serials and the absence of a turning screen may be described as missing.

Thanks to a small size and a unique design, the camera will be particularly fond of girls. It can become both a convenient, unnecessarily knowledgeable newcomer friend and a great start-up base for a future professional. Such universality is the great advantage of amateur mirrors. You can shoot automatic by using a whale facility, slightly adjust the photos right in the cell and then send them to the seal, blowing the computer. It is possible to take off manually, in control of all constructions, to connect light-powered quality optics and external flashes, to use the RAW format and to conduct deep computer processing. The camera does not impose on its owner any other way, the choice is for you.

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