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Sony alfa A99 slt

- end of 2012


End of 2012. The camera is designed for professionals. That is how it is positioned by the manufacturer and the same conclusion can be drawn from the analysis of its functions and capabilities. ♪ ♪

The camera is manufactured by a " semi-transparent mirror " technology. Provided with a new full-scale sensor of 35 mm format. Matrix resolution 24, 3 megapixels.Sony alfa A57 slt Changes in comparison with previous models are aimed at the convenience of the functions necessary for the professional work of the photographer.

New opportunities are available to provide quality images in difficult circumstances. Among them is a hybrid autofocus, a new type of closure. ♪ ♪
Details: SLT-A99

Sony alfa A37 sltAs a deficiency, the mirror cameras from Sony sometimes claimed that their production history was too short, that the firm lacked sufficient experience and a multi-year culture of production necessary for the manufacture of such specialty equipment.

In fact, such allegations have never been substantiated. Industry Sony - a direct heir to a world-famous photograph of a firm like Konica Minolta, which owned about 25 per cent of the total DSLR market (i.e. a quarter of all mirrors sold in the world). In June 2005, a partnership agreement was concluded between firms, since the beginning of 2006, photocapitas of conics have been sold on behalf of Sony, and in the summer of the same year, the top new camera of these producers was already named Sony Alpha (Sony Alpha A100).

All Konica Minolta know-how was used and used in Sony alpha mirrors, and among the differences and innovations concerning new mirror cameras, a certain “innovative press”, which is under pressure of all Sony technology products, and probably as a result of this pressure, a rather rapid emergence into new models.

So if you're determined to buy a mirror sony camera, it makes sense, if possible a little more time, it's likely that a new, even more sophisticated model will soon emerge. And this process seems very promising to be endless. (Really, it should be borne in mind that the new model will be more expensive and that the price should be reduced on the previous one.)

Sony alfa A77 slt Sony alfa A35 slt

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