Green Object

Canon EF 500mm F/4L IS II USM

By choosing an object for your zecral camera, you'll have to look into the instructions to the camera. If you're filming a camera with a rabbit matrix, you may be approaching most of the objects with a full-sized mirror. Despite the fact that all the objectives are in principle in the form of "trumbles" with the lens, working with one object is very simple, but with others. ♪ ♪

The quality of lens is the most important parameters for the quality of the facility as a whole. If many of the deficiencies in the budgetary optics can be rectified in the subsequent processing of photographs, why are professional photographers buying an objective dorgy? How to test the optical qualities of the objective?

Buying a whale object or not buying a first question that's interested in a starter photographer. The whale unit is not perfect, but it's not bad, especially for a starter photographer. Examples of pictures taken by the Canon EF-S 18-55m IS

The speed with which the objective is focused automatically may be a very important criterion for selecting an objective for a professional photographer or in certain photos, such as sports or report.

Dear MACRO-objectives can focus on sufficiently close facilities while maintaining the fine depth of sharpness and the contrasting image. In order to know how close-distance passport profiles match real-distance, you can run a test of your objective.

Old photographers filming black-and-white photos often used the term in contrast instead of words. In order to test the object to the sharpness, a newspaper must be placed on the wall, and it must be lighted on two sides of the lamp. ♪ ♪

Any object has a diaphragm. The diaphragm of the objectiveiva is a secular partition, round or almost round (depending on the design) of the opening in the middle. Diaphragm openings may vary depending on the film mode: automatic or photographer

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