Line Of Mirror Cameras Canon

Флагманы Canon

[Laughter] To be submitted in 2017 Canon camera EOS 6D Mark II and a new cell line has been launched
It might look like Canon EOS 6D Mark II.

According to the Canonrumors site, Canon is planning to launch the next version of the People ' s Ful Freima EOS 6D Mark II in 2017. The new camera will have a new sensor specially created for her. The expected price, approximately $1,500, is likely to be set at a level of competition-friendly Pentax K-1. At the same time, the Marquetologists want to make 6D Mark II a higher level than the predecessor and represent it as slightly more “elite”. And the buyers seem to be more interested in her being a little professional?

Amazing information about the installation of the camera. It is reported that 6D Mark II may be Canon's first camera with Android operating system on board. In principle, in some Sony cells, something like this has already been used, and other manufacturers, such as Panasonic and Samsung, experimented with such decisions.

No precise data on the date of withdrawal, but the experts point to the February presentation and sale in March-April.

Clean speculation on characteristics from some esperts. The technical parameters for projections may be:
CMOS sensor at 24 megapixel, 36x24 mm (Freim)
1, 5 lags on EOS 6D at high ISO
-5 EV
More autofocus points
Autophocus technology DualPixel
Tachskrin, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC
About $1,500

The available mirror foul fever right now.
Canon EOS 6D's full-cash camera can be purchased for $1499 on the BH computer. This seems to be based on the assumption that the next model should have the same price. In fact, most of the new models cost more than the old ones, or it's not gonna be possible to sell the residues from the warehouse. But rather quickly, the previous tech starts throwing down at lower prices. In any case, it is difficult to imagine when an updated version of the product is sold at one price with the old one.

Something new?
It is further reported that the next year is marked by a brand-new camera that will start a new line in the model row of Canon cameras. However, according to the rumors, the prototypes of this camera have never been presented to the public yet, so there will be something really new. No data on the size of the matrix. It could be APS-C, maybe Fulle Freim. It's hard to imagine, but what if it's a medium decision? Such cameras are increasingly interested in the public due to lower prices, as in the case of Hasselblad X1D.

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