Low-Cost Mirror Cameras


Pentax doesn't have so many fans - the mirror market almost completely separated Canon and Nikon. The small balance of the Pentax mirror segment covers mainly from Japan, where the stamp is popular. But the company's not going to be distracted by regularly updating the model row. K-70 replaced the K-50 model presented as early as 2013 but is quite relevant for a number of characteristics. Nevertheless, the manufacturer found something to improve. For example, there has been a turning display, a Wi-Fi module, and a built-in stereophone microphone: K-70 can now be boldly compared to cells like Canon EOS 750D and Nikon D5500. Of course, there are also firm chips: minimum excerpt 1/6000 s built into the cell with a stabilizer with declared efficiency 4, 5 EV, a function of automatic lateral correction of the horizon line by inclination of the matrix, a converter covering 100 per cent of the field of personnel. In addition, K-70 is equipped with a new Prime M2 processor with video support 1080/60i, and most importantly, there is a Pixel Shift Resolution system that used to be found only in top models. In fact, it's traditionally less cost, more functional. Sounds good, but how does a new girl show up in practice, we still need to find out.

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