Photography Mirror Feedback

Canon EOS 1200D Kit

♪ The quality of the hull (+ the hull is easier than the many cameras) - the quality of the photos (high color depth) - the convenient menu of the vents - the sensor and the turning screen - the quality of the selphis - the resolution - the brightness of the screen 5+ (high pictures on the display, even when the sun's shorter.

The camera is good. both for men and for ladies: with object 18-140, the camera is weighted, but not too heavy. And if you change the object by 35 or 50 mm, it'll be pretty light. The designs of the camera are located, like the normal "nion" cameras. It was pleasant that ISO could be raised up to 1,600, since there was not a lot of noise in many cameras, with these values, the pictures become very loud, but everything depends on the terms of the film. Detected minus isn't critical.

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