Reading Of Mirror Cameras

10 лучших зеркальных

According to, in the second quarter, Nikon retains leadership in the mirror cell segment. The first location on Internet-based magazine pages has been held for six months by an amateur model of the average price range Nikon D5100. Annotated over a year ago, it continues to attract balanced technical characteristics. The second place was the most accessible machine in this brand line, Nikon D3100. His successor, annotated in spring D3200, has not yet been ranked because of the new allowance and, consequently, the lower interest of buyers.

Even the sponsorship of the recently concluded EURO 2012 football championship did not help Canon hold positions: two of its cameras were down on a one-step rating: an amateur model of the EOS 600D average price range became the third, and Canon EOS 1100D not only stopped climbing but also fell on the fifth line. As strange as it may, even the EOS 650D anon has failed the veteran position: Canon EOS 550D continues to be popular and remains fourth.

While Canon, speaking in a sports language, remains a leader in a total score of six against four, the total share of crossings is higher for Nikon, with the difference clearly greater than the statistical error. The reason is clear: price policy. In a context where there is no clear technological leader in the market and in price ranges, differences are more subjective, the Ukrainian consumer chooses a cheaper product and even a 10% difference in the price ranges plays a role.

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