Sonia Mirror

Выбор ZOOM: Лучшие зеркальные
  • Excellent image quality. The camera prevents noise even under the most difficult conditions. The modern processor BIONZ X is capable of handling the personnel by improving their detail and eliminating distortions, even at a rate of 60 personnel per second.
  • Universal application. The facility in the delivery kit may be used to create portrait, material and panic photographs. It is also able to operate in a macro mode by obtaining a very clear picture at a distance of 25 centimetres.
  • Nice dynamic. An intelligent auto-focusing system with 79 sensors allows for the selection of optimum parameters even in a serial survey at 8 personnel per second. With this device, it's perfect to work with fast moving objects.
  • Personal construction♪ The user may independently regulate the area of the autofocus, and select the different operating modes of the system suitable for the survey in certain circumstances. It also has an automatic face-to-face focus regime that helps to make group profiles even clearer.
  • Additional function. Davis can record Full HD video at a speed of 60 personnel per second. Movements in it look very smooth and natural even in slow motion.
  • Suitable view♪ The user is accessible not only by a turning-off PC-Earran, but also by an electronic OLED Tru-Finder. It provides 100 per cent coverage, as well as a photo in its final form.
  • Light administration♪ The functions of the 11 context-specific buttons and the turning ring on the rear panel can be changed at their discretion, significantly accelerating the selection of optimum parameters.

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