Sonia Mirrors

Фотоаппарат зеркальный Sony

A mirror system behind the objective is provided in the design of the mirror camera. Such cameras are represented in the majority of known digital producers (Nikon, Canon, Sony et al.). Depending on the model and functionality, a digital camera can be obtained for both a photographer and an experienced professional.

In addition to a standard set of automatic and manual surveying regimes (P, A, S, M - a programme, an excerpt, a diaphragm machine, a manual regime), photo-apparates tend to have smart " intellectual " regimes and special plot programmes ( " sport " , " photos " , " night " and other situations),

For amateurs, the budget models will be supported by a serial survey and a replacement object, which will provide a decent quality for a moderate price. Semi-professional cameras with a turn-out and high resolution of the matrix take the next step, such cameras can already be used for commercial and studio surveys. The full-cadded class premium cameras provide the owner with very wide facilities, up to a professional video recording with the approval of 4C and the same quality of photographs.

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