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Photography in dental records and treatment of individual photographs

THEORIA + PRACTIC COURS (Fantoma and living model )

Colleague, learn to work today using the camera in your daily practice! Now you'll be able not only to make beautiful pictures, but you'll also know how to handle them properly to get the largest number of patients!
BONUS! You'll also find out about the extra chip from the lecturer-- the ability to make the best pictures in the mouth with the gadgets!

Course programme:
Part 1: Photography in dental science:
1. Actual use of photos in dental science.
2. Why take photos for clients.
3. Like cameras: Green / non-sercurical.
4. What are the parameters: extraction, diaphragm, ISO?
5. How to set the parameters for a single photograph.
6. What glasses to choose? Review of objects.
7. Flashes: ring, bipolar, radiosynchronizers, softboxes: portable, stationary, lightboxes.
8. Mirrors, counters, repeaters, gray map.
9. Racurics, number of pictures, creativity in dental science.
10 Demonstration of photographs of the video.
11 Where's the world going?
12 Comparison analysis of market relevance cameras for 2016.
13 Importance of RAW photos
14 Systematization of photos, storage.

Practice, phantom work and living man.

Part 2
Hand photography:
1. Why film RAW?
2. Why do RAW?
3. Choice of Photoshop Lightroom (Quicking, white, colour correction, noise reduction, clarity, etc.)
4. Demonstration of photo processing.
5. Pocketing photos, how does it work and why?
6. Prepared designs for mass-processing of unique photographs (Personal Lifhak).
7. Data export. Maintenance of the photos processed.
8. Storage in the cloud system.
9. How long will it take for you to work with the photo, sharing personal experience.
10. What happens after you've mastered the LR and you can handle the photos yourself? Development options.

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