The Cheapest Mirror Camera

...but for a complete set of wealthy people's happiness, you just need a proper camera. And phototech manufacturers have been working since the 1950s to meet people with exquisite taste.

In the case of Canon, he spent a lot of money in the ashes for his cameras, there's only one probable holly machine, "Canon F1 Gold"

But where you can really take your soul, it's Nikon Corporation's product! That's who's never shy of gloss and glamour, supplying his cameras with "limited edition" with bright, brothels! Starting from the first, ancient, like mammont, Nikon F Gold:

Next up, the "Nikon FM" in the "great" version:

But today, Nikon Corporation doesn't forget the price of strict design, offering in Gold performance its Nikon Df retrocamera. This rotette is produced in cooperation with Brick, and is delivered in an AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED:

Of course, the buyer of "Brikk Lux Nikon DF" is promised 24-carate gold, and the circulation is not more than 77 grand. An Indian who is determined to spend $41 395 on this masterpiece is free of charge with a gold cap on the facility:

And the golden suitcase with the writing "I'm an idiot!" "Brikkk."

In short, the Arab sheikhs are washing their hands, and all normal people are pulling their fingers at the whiskey.

But if you hand over the palm of perv to the one who made the gold cover to the largest number of cameras and is as mad as possible, Leica Camera AG will certainly be the winner. This firm has been specializing in facilitating the pockets of not very smart but very rich photographers since its inception, and has made remarkable progress.
Leika's the world's largest "restricted, lemiterated," "great," and just "fucking expensive" series.

The golden versions of her cameras are not too much to read, there are mirrors, and remote, and glued snake skin, and just covered with sausal gold:

And if you still have a little money after buying, you'll be selling golden exponometer to Leika:

All these cameras have in common is that they all cost crazy money.

And, of course, as Leica has, every camera has its name, and its history, which can always be traced from the point of view of the Leikov engineers, and further through all its years of existence, until its next appearance on eBay.

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