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To make a good choice of technology, it is necessary, at least in general terms, to understand the subject area. Know what characteristics the machine you choose has. Knowing how these characteristics affect the work of this technique.

This article will describe the camera device, lists important features of the camera. There will be an explanation of the relevance of the camera to the quality of its work. The types of cameras will also be described.

The material is very voluminous because the topic is quite complex. But if you have enough patience to read everything through, then you'll feel better about what the camera is for you. If you don't like to read a lot, then try a short version of this article - how to buy a camera, there's less letter.

Photo shop (Lens)

It's a set of lens that's behind each other in the cylindrical hull. The objective is to reduce the size of " external " images to the size of the camera matrix. In addition to reducing the size of the image, the objective focuses this reduced image on the matrix. The object of the first of the two components of the camera, which have the greatest impact on the quality of the photos received.

The object has a set of optical characteristics that affect the quality of photographs - focus distance, light, diaphragm, angle of view, distortion (aberration). These characteristics are, however, confined to narrow borders and there are therefore no universal facilities with which to take pictures under any conditions. Remote objects need some characteristics. Other objective properties are needed for indoor surveying (interpreter) facilities.

That is why cameras intended for professional work are performed in a design with a removable object. This allows for the installation of an object on the camera that is needed on a case-by-case basis.

One of the essential parameters of the objective is the focus distance, it is set in millimetres. The physical distance determines which distance the objects can be removed. ♪ ♪

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