The Mirror Camera Is

Как устроен фотоаппарат и какие бывают фотоаппаратыA simple pattern will help to get the photo shooter off.

  • Light is the most important thing in the picture. It starts with him. The word " photograph " can be translated as " lighting " , " lighting " . The light begins its journey from the source, like the sun.
  • The light falls on all the objects surrounding us. It's very important to remember: the camera does not remove the objects themselves, but the light from them. It's the light and the ability to work with him is the key to a good footing.
  • The light emitted from the subject passes through the objective of the camera.
  • He's projecting a light-sensitive sensor, a matrix. Previously, when there was no digital camera, a picture was used instead of a matrix.

Как устроен фотоаппарат и какие бывают фотоаппаратыPhoto shop

  • The matrix consists of millions of light-sensitive elements. They remove light and transmit it electronically to the camera processor. The processor processes the data and retains them as a file.

Processor Nikon Expeed 3

  • The file is on the memory card.

All modern digital cameras work on this principle, with only some details.

Photography matrix

Как устроен фотоаппарат и какие бывают фотоаппаратыMatrix is the heart of a modern camera. It will depend largely on the quality of the photos. The matrix has two basic characteristics that are accessible to the consumer: authorization and physical size.

First, let's deal with the permit. The solution to the matrix is the number of its sensual elements, picels. The more they are, the more the points will be the final photo. Today, the average resolution of the matrix is between 16 and 36 million peaks.

However, it may be that the mega-piks on the matrix are a lot, and the quality of the picture is still low: it's not cut, it's not counterfeit, it drowns in digital noise - interference. The quality of the image depends not only on the authorization in the megapixels, but also on the physical size of the matrix itself.

8 mega-piksel video

8 mega-piksel manpower fragment mirror camera

Both photos are made in one permit. As you can see, the cell on the mobile phone is losing very much as: he's not so counterfeit, there's no small details on the picture, like the survivors on the leaf. It is for small parts that the high resolution of the matrix must be responsible.

Как устроен фотоаппарат и какие бывают фотоаппараты Как устроен фотоаппарат и какие бывают фотоаппараты Как устроен фотоаппарат и какие бывают фотоаппараты Как устроен фотоаппарат и какие бывают фотоаппараты

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