The Mirror Cameras Are

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A large sample of shift optics for all life cases is offered by mirror chamber manufacturers. However, a volumetric bag would be required to carry a two to three-way machine.

The large dimensions of the mirror chambers are due to the presence of a mechanically operated mirror. It is located in a special hull and transmits the light through the objective to the optical detector. When fully pressed on the launch button, the mirror rises up, freeing the path of light falling on the matrix.

The size of the mirror hulls varies fairly widely: there are both relatively small cells (e.g. the recently higher Sony Alpha SLT-A55) and very impressive cells. professional cameras Like Nikon D3s. The size of the objective should also be taken into account. The photographer has to manipulate a two-kilogram device of 30 cm length.

The size and weight of the system cameras are twice as large. There is a lack of a mirror and an optical detector that can insulate the object through the objective.

Instead, most systems cameras are equipped with an electronic detector. It's a small disk that gets the image directly from the matrix. In Panasonic cameras, the detector is built into the hull; some manufacturers attach an external viewer to be installed in the shoe. This reduces the size and weight of the device.

Comparing: Sony Alpha NEX-3 weighs only 239 g, a very small mirror Pentax K-r is about 600 g, and Canon 7D is 820 g. For Panasonic (G series) and Olympus (PEN models), lighter and compact micro Four Thirds standards are available. Most compact cells with a replacement optic, depending on the objective, weighs not more than 500 g.

Price question

Separately, the machine and the object are costly, but the purchase of the so-called whale (complex) can save up to 30%. For example, Nikon D3100 + AF-S DX Nikkor 18-55 VR is available for an average of 21,000 roubles; the purchase of a carcase and an objective at a separate price is approximately 24,000 roubles. (18, 5,000 roubles + 5,5,000 roubles). Canon EOS 550D is available at a price of 27,000 roubles in an object with a three-fold winter (5,000 roubles).

The Olympus E-P2 system cell in an unobjective-free kit is approximately 25,000 roubles; a three-fold facility kit will cost approximately 12,000 roubles. The price of objectivity is approximately 14,000 roubles per se.

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