Domestic Photo Studio Equipment


The main focus of photographic photographers is to shoot people in the studio and to make a single-ton (almost white) picture.

A starter photographer usually has a very limited amount of money to buy equipment into the studio, but you need to start with something. Despite the existing view that it is very expensive to organize the studio, it is not.

Consider the basic equipment required for work.

Photography and objective

Not without him. You need a mirror camera with the possibility of switching off an external flash, or you won't be able to control it with a flashing sync. Studio light

Photocampers that will be suitable for photos, the quality of the film and the price can be divided into three groups. They are discussed in greater detail in this topic.

Equipment for quality human survey

A small photo studio can even be arranged at home, setting up one-half rooms in your apartment underneath this, and on the basis of the space available, you'll be able to take pictures of models full-scale growth, lumber portrait or only major plans.

Of course, the more room space and ceiling height, the better. But the standard rooms of 18 square metres, with a ceiling of 2, 6, are not very limited, although it is very difficult to take off the full growth of the Russian average apartment.

The color of the walls, ideally black. You probably don't have black rims in your house, so it's gray or white - the main thing is that the rims don't have a saturated color. For example, it's convenient to reflect light from white walls.

Choose only impulse lights (emergences) for the studio, because they are not overheated (and not heating the air in the space - and the heat of the cosmetics begins to leak, skin to bleed and publish), save energy, the distance from the source to the model may be any.

So, at home, photo studios can be arranged at an average of not more than 20 square metres, we won't need high-speed lights, 100-150 kJ.

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