Light In The Photo Studio

How to work with the studio light? What kind of devices exist and what are they used for? We'll tell you everything we need to know to work effectively in the studio.

So, we're in the studio. As long as your model is to make a bike, we'll be able to build a studio light.
We'll find out what kinds of instruments are.

Instrument types

There are two types of lighting devices, impulse and permanent.

  • Impulsive light
    Only in the picture. These instruments provide a short, but very powerful light impulse during the opening of the camera. A synchronizer is used to link the lighting device and the camera, which we will see below.
  • Permanent light
    Used in photo and video shoots. The constant light has two serious deficiency - it consumes a lot of electricity and provides a huge amount of heat. I mean, the man you're filming might get overheated. But, for example, it's very common to use permanent light in the subject.

Virtually all photo studios have impulse light. So, if you want to film the studio, first of all, you have to learn how to work with the impulse light.

Most impulse devices are equipped with a conventional light bulb. What is it for? So you could see how the lights turn into a model. The lighting in the studio is much easier and easier to display.


As I said above, synchronization is needed to simultaneously activate the lighting device and lock the camera. Each device has a flashing device at the time of the pulse detection. So the camera is sufficiently synchronized with one device.

Of course, synchronization occurs at one instant.
The minimum charge available at synchronization depends on the capacity of the chamber and is generally 1/200.

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