Lighting Equipment

Световое оборудование

Are you planning to have a wedding, a prom night or a big, beautiful presentation of a new project in St Petersburg or Moscow? There is no such activity without a professional sound or a lighting device for the stage. The purchase of expensive lighting equipment is not always economically viable, especially in the case of non-recurrent use. An optimum solution is to rent professional sound and light equipment. Otido Group provides light rental services and delivers the necessary lighting equipment as soon as possible.

Rental of sound and light

In two capitals (SB and Moscow), OTIDO is leased:

  • Lighting and sound equipment for stage;
  • Lights;
  • different sound-energy models;
  • Sound recording facilities.

All the equipment transferred will be perfect for the event to organize the stage and the right light. The rental of lighting equipment for the wedding (Moscow, Spb) in Otido Group also includes services for its professional installation and construction.

Rental of equipment

Rent services are a profitable solution if you only need to use professional technical equipment once (e.g. for weddings). The installation of professional scenarios: both lighting and sound equipment will be performed by Otido Group specialists, who will make your holiday unforgettable, filled with light magic and sound.

Lighting appliances, as well as stage sound equipment, need to be found in advance. The rent of light for a wedding is practical and beneficial. If you rent, you won't have to overpaid for expensive equipment that you won't use regularly. Rental of sound and light - guaranteeing a high-level event. Otido Group offers favourable conditions for the rental of light installations and sound equipment. Our price for renting equipment will surprise you.

A great deal of experience with light ensures a perfect lighting and a sound of good quality: we provide only professional scenarios.

Otido Group monitors the updating of its sound and light archenal, suggesting. ♪ ♪

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