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The main page / activity directions / Installation lighting / Lighting equipment for photo studio photo studios provides an opportunity to provide effective imagery services, to welcome their clients the highest quality. In the company catalogue, you will find the most modern lighting devices, sophites, lights, and others, you will be able to pick them up in accordance with the characteristics of your operation, as well as the room in which the film is made.

All the products we offer differ in their design, in the method of mounting and fixing, in the light diffusion zone and other criteria. This allows for the selection of such combinations of studio equipment that will enable real quality lighting, without distortion and noise. For this purpose, for example, photozones can be used which equitably disperse the luminous flux, multi-coloured reflectors and other articles.

Our light equipment store offers to buy a photo studio machine at affordable prices. If necessary, our specialists will provide you with professional advice on the selection of the goods.

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light ensembles and bras

From 27 September to 4 November 2016, the Association of Music Theaters (AMT), supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, held the first festival of the Russian music theatres in Moscow.

The first phase was the dismantling of all the scenario equipment, including collars and gallerys. In the second phase, high-technology collars from metal panels were installed and new extended galleries were installed. The third stage is the installation of upper and lower mechanics.

Sometimes the specialists of the Theatre and Technical Corporation deal with unusual design decisions. The more interesting the work they're doing is to put into practice someone's fantasy, creative minds.

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световое оборудование для фотостудии

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