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Оборудование для свадебной

Thank you for choosing Manfrotto.

We guarantee that all Manfrotto products are suitable for use for the purpose for which they are intended and do not have material defects and a productive marriage.

Manfrotto offers two levels of guarantee:

♪ The legal guarantee of the first level, referred to as " Statutory Limited Guarantee " , is determined by the requirements of the legislation in force in the country where the product is delivered.

♪ Second-level guarantees are referred to as the “Restricted Treaty Guarantee”. It is proposed by Manfrotto as a special expansion of the Standard Guarantee. Manfrotto ' s limited contractual guarantee is free of charge.

“Standard restricted guarantee”

The duration of the Standard Limited Guarantee is determined by the requirements of the applicable legislation of the country, state or region where a product has been implemented. For example, products sold through Italian retailers have a standard guarantee of two years from the date of purchase for consumers and one year from the date of purchase for legal buyers or registered individual VAT contributors (Italia Consumers Act 206/2005 - Consumer Code).

This guarantee does not apply to defects and costs caused by:

- improper use and subsequent damage to the produce. Inadequate use means, inter alia, the cases described below, as well as the situations provided for in the supplementary documentation and compilation of instructions supplied with the product.

- modification, alteration, repair or maintenance of the product by persons not related to Manfrotto;

- Inadmissible physical effects, overloading, improper use or exploitation of the product, in violation of instructions supplied with the product;

- the use of a product for any purpose other than that for which it was established;

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