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Frequently (including in Habre) the issue of lighting, especially and often the holy wars of " lights " against luminous bulbs, are beginning to rage. For over a year, I was about to write a story about light, and it's finally over.
From this article, you will find out why the photo studios don't take off the fluorescent lights, why the lights haven't taken over the world yet, and whether they should cover the streets. Let's go!

About color and spectrum

We all know that our vision is primitive, three-component: we have three types of " colorful " receptors, " red " , " blue " and " green " .

But life is usually harder, the color is defined by the long wave/energy of the cvant of light, and it's like double, it takes any meaning. Accordingly, we may face a cvant of light in the middle of the red and green light, with the " half " forces responding to red and green receptors. From here on, there are different " unknown " flower mixes - if the object reflects red and green light, then we see yellow, although there is no long wave quantum with the yellow.

To be clearer, the eye cannot distinguish if the object reflects purely yellow light (580mm) or both green (520mm) and red (680mm). In the eye, both receptors activate in both cases and we see the same color, yellow.

Reality is much more complicated than just RGB. From here on, all these issues are " colour " , " white " , " wrong lighting "

Damaged lighting

If one of you printed a picture of a house with a red lamp, you could have noticed that all objects that did not reflect red light in the light of a red lamp seem black. It doesn't matter that they clearly reflect green or blue light, since there's no red, so the object doesn't reflect anything, that's black. From here on, it must be clear that there may be any distortion of flowers at all but later.

Basic characteristics of lamps

1. Efficiency, lm/w (= how many lights are visible the lamp is produced on 1W power).
2. Duration/reliability
3. Quality of lighting (spectre, mark)

Main types of lamps

This article will limit itself to the fact that it is widely used for lighting, information on any specific features like xenon arc lamps can be found to know where:-)

1. Filament lamps
Historically the first type of lamp. Terrible energy efficiency 8-10 lm/W. The main problem with reliability is when it's on. The filament resistance is lower than the temperature below when the lamp is activated to 10x nominal power, and the top heating is gradually damaged. In the case of a protective device which includes a light lamp (in the simplest case, thermoresistor), the service life may be very large. Spectre is a continuous (practical spectrum of black body) with a red area. Currently, more modern types of lamps are losing for all indicators.

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