Photo Studio

необходимое оборудование для

Let us allow ourselves a bold assumption that almost every photographer, through certain stages of photographic development, gaining knowledge and experience, wants to see himself on the film site of a good studio. And no matter what, a professional is an advanced amateur or a starter, 'cause after the first survey, everyone has unconscious emotions and impressions. A photo studio with a first photographer can be very small, with a minimum set of equipment, and a large pavilion with all the necessary modern equipment. After the first experience, one always falls in love with a studio job, others prefer to walk around without it and give away the whole soul of a reporter or other genram, but... It is safe to say that there is little indifference to a studio film among photographers. Consequently, many conversations and disputes are often raised, as is the case with modern photos. Is it possible, in our circumstances, to build a universal studio or is it a utopian idea?

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