Photo Studio Accessories

Photo studios are not only equipped with lighting. It's not only necessary for a model to be simulated. Often, she has to go somewhere else, play her hands with some accessories and, of course, wear. This is already about creating a whole image where each detail has its meaning. So, what can we offer here a mid-statistical studio? Let's start with a simple one.

Fons. The Fons are the minimum that gives any photostody. The number and colour of backgrounds in each photo studio can vary. The dreams are chosen to distinguish between the material from which they are made:

  • Living backgrounds (single)
  • Silkographic vows,
  • Tchannel backgrounds (through such backgrounds, art warehouses can be created),
  • Plastic backgrounds.

Typically, each photo studio has a minimum of four different colours, the base of which is black and white (and plus two other colours, such as green, beard, pink, blue, gray, running, etc.). There are also artistic backgrounds with various beautiful divorces, drawings that help to supplement the image in the photographs. For example, the imitation of stone lining or brick walls is now very popular.

Interior items. There is, in general, a typical photo studio set of items that is complemented by several exclusive " files " of this particular photo studio. In any photo studio, you'll probably find a taboo, a wooden cube, a low square table (from IKEA, different colours), a classic bar chair, a chair, a chair, a pufik, a schelong, a small couch (small or pellet), a child chair and a table. Usually, leather furniture is popular. With regard to “Fishes” photo studios, this is usually exclusive antique furniture: couch, shop, chair, chair, etc. If the studio is large, certain areas may be stacked in a certain style, i.e. special decorations (e.g. Japanese decorations).

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